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    BenefitScape is the leading US Employee Benefits company to
    focus exclusively on employer compliance under the Affordable
    Care Act (ACA).

End-To-End ACA Compliance

BenefitScape is the leading Employee Benefits company to focus exclusively on employer compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

This singular focus and our dedicated ACATech© platform enable us to free employers, with cost-saving efficiency, from all the pain, penalty risks, and resource burdens of ACA Compliance.

From performing an ACA Compliance Assessment, to tracking and calculating eligibility through IRS coding and employee communications to the final IRS e-Filing, we work seamlessly with any client set-up, all data formats, and at any stage or throughout the compliance process. And, we don't stop when reporting is complete. We assist in necessary corrections, any IRS 226J responses, and establishing go-forward Risk Mitigation plans.

Please feel free to talk to us about how we can tailor BenefitScape’s ACA technology and services to work with your own specific operations and needs for Tax Year 2019. We are always happy to share our insights, including our Penalty Risk Assessment Service, which can help you identify and manage potential exposure incurred by prior ACA filings.

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ACATech is our cloud-based technology dedicated to Affordable Care Act (ACA) tracking, reporting, and IRS e-Filing. It is a smart, secure, and constantly updated platform that lets BenefitScape take all the internal cost and resource burden out of ACA Compliance for employers of all sizes and in all sectors.

ACATech takes on board an employer’s specific health plan and business rules to facilitate every IRS-required compliance task – from employee tracking if required and eligibility determination through zero-error IRS coding and Form 1095 generation to final authorized e-Filing via the IRS ACA Information Return (IRSAIR) system.

ACATech executes an Employer Penalty Assessment and Quality Assurance throughout the ACA Compliance process to eliminate all risk of errors, late filing, or IRS penalties.

IRS Authorized Transmitter
HIPAA Compliant
PCI Compliant
SOC-2 Compliant
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End-to-End or Join the Dots

BenefitScape’s dedicated ACATech© platform, in-house experts, and operational flexibility enable us to customize our ACA Compliance services to work seamlessly with any employer set-up, any existing data formats, and at any stage or throughout the ACA Compliance process.

You can outsource your total ACA Compliance to BenefitScape as an end-to-end service or we can fill in the gaps and join the dots of your existing operations.

We are organized to work as a stand-alone operation or to dovetail with other, non-specialist software and service providers for accuracy and efficiency without duplication or unnecessary cost.

BenefitScape's comprehensive ACA Compliance services cover the following areas:

Employer Shared Responsibility Validation — MEC / MV / Affordability
Section 4980H A & B Penalty Liability
ACA Compliance Reporting Review
Audit and Penalty Analysis Readiness
ACA Compliance Cost Analysis
Employer Organizational Attributes
Employment Based Rules
Health Plan Offerings
Employee Contributions
Third-Party Suppliers (HRIS, Payroll, COBRA, etc.)
Secure Environment for File Transfers & Data Housing
Data Collection & Input in Any Client Formats
ACATech© Data Transformation and Translation
ACATech© Secure Project Database Compiled
ACATech© Tracking of Part-Time + Variable Hour Employees
Monthly Eligibility Calculations & Communications
ACATech© Employee Eligibility Determination/Verification
Affordability Verification
Zero-Error Employee IRS Code Allocation
QA Monitoring & Sample Data Testing
ACATech© Penalty Risk Assessments for TY2019 and/or prior filings
Health Marketplace Announcements
Form 1095 Generation & Digital Transmission to Employer
Form 1095 Distribution to Employees by Verified Electronic Means or Heat-Sealed via USPS First Class
Damaged or Lost Forms Re-Distributed
Form 1094 Generation for each Client Company FEIN
e-Filing of Form 1095’s and Form 1094 via IRSAIR System
IRS ERROR Code Analysis & Remediation
Authorized Final Transmission of Compliance Data via IRSAIR System
End-of-Project Digital Report & Package to Employer
Archiving of All Critical Project Data & Final IRSAIR Transmission Receipt
PDF Copy of All Forms 1094 & 1095 Provided to Client
Forensic Support To Verify Full, Accurate, and On-Time ACA Compliance