Who We Are

Kim Phillips, Vice President of Client Services

Kim has worked in Human Resource and employee benefits consulting throughout her career, performing both senior account management and lead consultant roles. This focus has allowed Kim to support clients in the digital transformation of many aspects of their HR and benefits operations.

Kim’s client experience ranges across all sectors, from technology and finance to academia, such as Wellesley College, and employers of all sizes, from start-ups and spin-offs to some of the largest organizations in the United States, such as Eversource Energy and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. In each engagement, the key to success has been her resolute and tireless focus on operational flexibility – the need to organize all outsourced services and technology around the individual employer’s specific requirements. As BenefitScape’s Client Services Director, she continues to do just that, working closely with each client to understand their different needs and deliver ACA Compliance with maximum accuracy, ease, and efficiency.

Kim’s leadership qualities, wealth of experience, and tireless commitment single her out as an outstanding client champion.

Andrew Ferguson, Analysis and Client Service

Andrew has worked in the Human Resource and employee benefits arena for over 21 years, including the last nine as a senior analyst alongside BenefitScape’s founder Ken Phillips.

Andrew combines a brilliant technical command of the benefits landscape with equally strong communication skills; and this has earned him recognition as a great collaborator, delivering difficult compliance projects, valuable technology products, and the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Among his many innovative contributions, Andrew led development of the latest Hours Tracking and Eligibility module within BenefitScape’s industry-leading ACATech software.

Andrew is a member of the New England Employee Benefits Council. His current focus is on navigating the complexities of ACA Compliance for BenefitScape’s large-scale public sector clients.

Andrew Miller, IT Director and Lead ACA Analyst

Andrew has over eight years’ experience dedicated to applying technology to ACA Compliance and the development of BenefitScape’s ACATech platform. He is Mr. ACATech, with a BSc in Computer Science from Ursinus College. Andrew gained his head start as an ACA Analyst from working for with BenefitScape founder Ken Phillips on the Massachusetts Healthcare Connector, a precursor to the Affordable Care Act.

Ken Phillips, Founder, President, and CEO

Ken Phillips is a celebrated entrepreneur with a remarkable record of pioneering technological change within the employee benefits and insurance industries.

As early as 1994, Ken was grabbing talent from MIT Media Labs to develop employee.com. This became the self-service portal for millions of employees at the likes of GM, Chrysler, and the US Post Office to name just a few. In 1999, Ken’s Employee Communication Services became the nucleus of Workscape, with Ken taking on the role of Product Visionary and Principal. Workscape soon became the leading provider of integrated benefits management solutions, with ADP completing its acquisition of the company in 2010.

In 2002, Ken left Workscape to expand Benefit Corporation of America as the provider of compliance research and technological support for the Massachusetts Healthcare Connector, a forerunner of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In 2009, Ken drew on this critical experience to set up BenefitScape as the leading specialist in ACA Compliance.

Ken is Director Emeritus and former President of the New England Employee Benefits Council.

Emily Ingram, Client Servces

At BenefitScape, Emily works as a liaison between our Customer Success and Client Analyst teams to provide an exceptional level of support and customer delight to BenefitScape’s clients alongside the Vice President of Client Services, Kim Phillips.

Prior to joining the BenefitScape team, Emily worked in the benefits industry for several years, focusing on benefits enrollment and building relationships with brokers and administrators. She enjoys calling herself a member of BenefitScape’s team of self-proclaimed “Compliance Nerds” and shares all things ACA with BenefitScape’s clients.