End-to-End or Join the Dots

BenefitScape’s dedicated ACATech© platform, in-house experts, and operational flexibility enable us to customize our ACA Compliance services to work seamlessly with any employer set-up, any existing data formats, and at any stage or throughout the ACA Compliance process.

You can outsource your total ACA Compliance to BenefitScape as an end-to-end service or we can fill in the gaps and join the dots of your existing operations.

We are organized to work as a stand-alone operation or to dovetail with other, non-specialist software and service providers for accuracy and efficiency without duplication or unnecessary cost.

BenefitScape's comprehensive ACA Compliance services cover the following areas:

Employer Shared Responsibility Validation — MEC / MV / Affordability
Section 4980H A & B Penalty Liability
ACA Compliance Reporting Review
Audit and Penalty Analysis Readiness
ACA Compliance Cost Analysis
Employer Organizational Attributes
Employment Based Rules
Health Plan Offerings
Employee Contributions
Third-Party Suppliers (HRIS, Payroll, COBRA, etc.)
Secure Environment for File Transfers & Data Housing
Data Collection & Input in Any Client Formats
ACATech© Data Transformation and Translation
ACATech© Secure Project Database Compiled
ACATech© Tracking of Part-Time + Variable Hour Employees
Monthly Eligibility Calculations & Communications
ACATech© Employee Eligibility Determination/Verification
Affordability Verification
Zero-Error Employee IRS Code Allocation
QA Monitoring & Sample Data Testing
ACATech© Penalty Risk Assessments for TY2018 and/or prior filings
Health Marketplace Announcements
Form 1095 Generation & Digital Transmission to Employer
Form 1095 Distribution to Employees by Verified Electronic Means or Heat-Sealed via USPS First Class
Damaged or Lost Forms Re-Distributed
Form 1094 Generation for each Client Company FEIN
e-Filing of Form 1095’s and Form 1094 via IRSAIR System
IRS ERROR Code Analysis & Remediation
Authorized Final Transmission of Compliance Data via IRSAIR System
End-of-Project Digital Report & Package to Employer
Archiving of All Critical Project Data & Final IRSAIR Transmission Receipt
PDF Copy of All Forms 1094 & 1095 Provided to Client
Forensic Support To Verify Full, Accurate, and On-Time ACA Compliance